With the release of our recent All-inn Brewing Co. Fresh Wort Kits, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss the benefits of using a fresh wort kit to brew you some delicious beer.

What is a fresh wort kit?

It is the wort made from the all grain brewing process by a professional brewery (wort is essentially unfermented beer). During an all grain brewing process, liquid is extracted from the grains during the mashing process; the wort. After this process, yeast is added or ‘pitched’ to begin the fermentation process.

Why use a fresh wort kit?

A fresh wort kit is perfect for those new to brewing as it cuts out the need for lots of extra equipment, skills and time needed to do your own all-grain brew from scratch. Despite what some might think, it is also still possible to customise your brew when using a fresh wort kit.

How to use a fresh wort kit?

Start by taking a clean and sanitised (very important step) fermenter, add your fresh wort. Then if your recipe calls for it, top up with water, pitch yeast of your choosing and ferment. You can also dry hop, or add grain infusions if desired.

Create and Enjoy!

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Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

All Inn Brewing Co. –Fresh Wort Kit 15L
All Inn Brewing Co. – Fresh Wort Kit 15L
All Inn Brewing Co. – Fresh Wort Kit 15L
All Inn Brewing Co. – Fresh Wort Kit 15L

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