Stout beer is often a favourite beer of choice for many on a cold winter night. For those unfamiliar, ‘stout’ is characterised by a dark, almost black appearance as seen with the world’s best- selling stout; Guinness.

With many different styles of stout including; dry, sweet, Russian Imperial, to name a few, they can have varied flavours such as coffee, chocolate, plum, currant, vanilla. Most often described with roasted flavours, they are brewed with a lot of grains.

Very different from other beer styles, they are characterised as having a thick and creamy ‘mouthfeel’. You would be hard pressed to drink too many of them as they are usually quite filling and rich.


Originating in London in the 1600-1700’s, the beer style we often call stout today was once know as ‘Porter’. Brewed for its strong flavour, the porter took longer to spoil than other beers and was much cheaper. The term ‘stout porter’ was originally used to describe these beers as the word ‘stout’ referred to it as being strong (alcohol percentage). Over the years, stout has become a style of its own.

There is much debate over the use of stout vs porter to describe dark, strong beers. We will leave it up to you to decide. All we know, is a tasty dark beer on a cold winter night is always a welcome addition to our evening.

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Stout Beer - Guinness

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