With the warmer weather upon us and summer vibes all round we thought we’d mention a delicious alternative to home brew beer this season – home brew apple cider. With Morgan’s all Natural Apple Cider blend, you can easily whip up a tasty cider to enjoy with friends by the pool.

As its name suggests, it is actually made with ALL NATURAL ingredients and comes in a 1kg can that makes 20 litres of delicious apple cider. It is best brewed with Brewing Revolution Ultra Blend 1kg but to make it gluten free, you can switch that to Brewing Revolution Dextrose 1kg instead.

The finished Morgan’s cider is a dry taste similar to 5 Seeds Crisp Apple Cider. If you like your apple cider sweeter, you can add lactose to sweeten it up. For medium sweet add 250g lactose, and for sweet, add 500g lactose. Adding lactose won’t increase the alcohol content of your cider.

Morgan’s – All Natural Apple Cider 1kg

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