Still Spirits Top Shelf – Wild Eagle Bourbon Essence 50ml


This malty, oak style bourbon flavouring was created with wild turkey drinkers in mind with its smooth vanilla and spice notes. This definitely is an all occasion bourbon.

Makes 2.25 Litres.


If you’re looking to craft an authentic, smooth sipping bourbon at home, Still Spirits Top Shelf Wild Eagle Bourbon Essence is a great option. This essence captures the sweet, oaky, vanilla notes of a high quality Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Just add it to your distilled neutral spirit and you’ll have an incredible homemade bourbon with complex flavors. The Wild Eagle essence provides aromas of brown sugar and ripe fruit with a hint of rye spice. It blends well with the charred oak and vanilla from the barrel extract to give a balanced, sophisticated bourbon profile. A few ounces of the Wild Eagle essence can transform an entire jar of moonshine. This essence makes it possible for home distillers to achieve premium bourbon flavor without lengthy barrel aging. So if you want to impress guests with a top notch whiskey made using your own still, Wild Eagle Bourbon Essence is sure to be a hit.

Additional information

Weight .066 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 11 cm
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