Still Spirits Icon Liqueurs – Chocolate Rum


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Still Spirits Icon Liqueurs Chocolate Rum is a luxurious flavouring blend of dark rum and indulgent chocolate with subtle sweet vanilla notes

Just add spirit.

Makes 1 litre.

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Homebrewing enthusiasts often seek the thrill of creating unique and delicious concoctions. One such delightful creation is the homemade Chocolate Rum, which can be crafted using Still Spirits Icon Liqueur Essence.

The Still Spirits Icon Liqueur Essence line offers a range of high-quality flavorings, including a delectable Chocolate Rum option. This essence is a concentrated flavor extract that captures the rich, velvety taste of chocolate and the warm, comforting notes of rum. When used in home brewing, it allows you to infuse your spirits with the luscious combination of these two iconic flavors.

To make your Chocolate Rum, simply follow the provided instructions on the Still Spirits Icon Liqueur Essence bottle, which typically involve blending it with the appropriate alcohol base, such as a neutral spirit, and then allowing it to age or mature for a period. The result is a smooth, indulgent liqueur that’s perfect for sipping on its own, mixing in cocktails, or even using as a delectable addition to desserts.

Creating your own Chocolate Rum with Still Spirits Icon Liqueur Essence can be a rewarding and satisfying project for any home brewer, offering a flavorful treat that’s perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on special occasions.

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