This stainless steel basket is used to infuse vodka and gin with botanicals, citrus peel, chilli , cinnamon sticks just to name a few. Have fun and play around a bit.

The basket simply attaches by clipping it into the underside of the Air Still lid.

There is a hole under the lid of the Air Still where the vapour enters and condensers in the cooling coil before coming out as liquid alcohol. Botanicals occasionally may get caught within the cooling coil which may cause unwanted pressure build up inside the unit. To avoid this, it is suggest to simply place what ever you are infusing into either muslin cloth, hop bag or use tea bags if using small plant materials such as dried herbs and spices.

Use plant materials that are larger than the hole under the lid and keep the Air Still upright at all times when inserting the basket to ensure no plant material falls into the hole.