QBrew – Toasted French Oak Chips 500g


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QBrew Toasted French Oak Chips 500g is perfect to enhance your favourite spirit especially bourbon. Use 10g per 1 litre and soak for 20 days or soak to suit your taste.

Usage: Use 10g per litre and soak for 20 days or soak to suit your taste.

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Toasted French oak chips are a prized element in brewing spirits, with their true potential shining when crafting bourbon. These chips are meticulously toasted to unlock a palette of flavors and scents, encompassing vanilla, caramel, and a smoky essence. When incorporated into the aging process of bourbon, these oak chips become essential contributors to the spirit’s depth and complexity.

Their porous quality enables extensive interaction with the bourbon, increasing the extraction of vital compounds and flavors from the wood. This leads to a bourbon that not only refines its taste but also introduces the subtle nuances and comforting warmth inherent to toasted French oak.

Brewers of spirits, particularly bourbon, frequently experiment with the quantity and duration of oak chip exposure, ensuring their final product embodies the desired flavor profile. With toasted French oak chips in the mix, the home-brewed bourbon takes on a unique, sophisticated dimension, culminating in a spirit that’s exceptionally rich, complex, and uniquely tailored to individual preferences.

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