Morgan’s – Pacific Pale Ale 1.7kg


This is a classic American West Coast craft style beer. Very popular with Pale Ale drinkers with is refreshing woodsy hop aroma finished with a clean, crisp bite. It has a rich amber colour and full malt characters. Colour Р10 EBC* / Bitterness Р24 IBU*. Includes 7 gram yeast sachet under the lid.

Makes 23 Litres.

Best brewed with our 1kg Booster Blend or the Morgan’s Master Malt Beer Enhancer 1.5kg. This beer is designed so you can also dry hop this with your favourite hops.



Morgan’s Pacific Ale is an excellent choice for home brewers looking to craft a delicious and classic American pale ale. This home brewing kit comes complete with all the ingredients and equipment needed to brew a 5-gallon batch.

You can choose a recipe that uses a high-quality pale malt as the base, with the option of lightly roasted crystal or caramel malts. This can provide a rich, full-bodied malt backbone with hints of sweetness and toasted bread flavors. But what can really makes this pale ale shine is a generous helping of Cascade hops. These iconic American hops deliver vibrant citrusy and floral aromas along with a signature piney, resiny bitterness to balance out the malty sweetness.

This kit is perfect for a hand-crafted, fresh Pacific Pale Ale with a gorgeous amber color, frothy head, and aromas highlighting the interplay between the caramel malts and citrusy Cascade hops. It can be made with an alcohol content around 5.5% and can be an extremely drinkable and thoroughly enjoyable pale ale.

Whether you’re an experienced home brewer or just starting out, Morgan’s Pacific Ale is a top-notch kit that produces consistent, high-quality results perfect for sharing with friends and family. It’s a classic pale ale you’ll be proud to make yourself!

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Weight 1.878 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 18 cm
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