Morgan’s Master Malt – Pale 1.5kg


Formally called “Morgan’s Master Malt Lager Pale”

Grainy Candy flavour and aroma. A concentration of Lager malts which can be used to create your own special beer.

EBC: 6.5 (in 23ltrs)


Morgan’s Master Malt -Pale (formally called Morgan’s Master Malt Lager Pale) is a dried malt extract designed for homebrewers seeking high quality and consistency. Sourced from select breweries in Europe, Master Malt undergoes restricted boiling to preserve delicate malt flavors and aromas. It comes in other various styles including extra light, light, amber, and dark to suit different beer recipes. By using Morgan’s Master Malt as a base, homebrewers can achieve excellent extract efficiency and fermentability. The malt dissolves easily in wort without clumping or scorching on the brew kettle bottom. It’s inverted during production to make the sugars readily accessible for yeast. With its pure flavor and easy brewing process, Morgan’s Master Malt allows homebrewers to create diverse beer styles from iconic pilsners to robust porters. It’s regarded as one of the finest liquid malt extracts available to homebrewers.

Additional information

Weight 1.700 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 16.5 cm
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