Morgan’s – Ginger Beer 1kg


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Morgans Ginger Beer is strong in ginger flavour formulated with the perfect balance of malted grains and ginger. Can be made alcoholic or non alcoholic.  1kg or dextrose or a malt blend will brew at approximately 3% so add more brewing sugar if you desire higher alcohol content.

Makes up to 20 Litres.

3 in stock

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Morgan Ginger Beer Kit offers a convenient home brew kit for making your own ginger beer from scratch. This kit is designed to produce a beverage packed with bold, spicy ginger flavor using a simple brewing process. The kit comes with most of what you need to brew ginger beer at home in batches of up to 20 liters.

Strong Ginger Beer

A major appeal of the Morgan’s kit is the ability to control the alcohol content by adding more brewing sugar. The standard recipe containing 1kg of dextrose or malt blend produces a mildly alcoholic ginger beer at about 3% ABV. However, you can add more fermentable sugar to achieve a higher alcohol percentage if desired.

Overall, if you want to brew a top-quality ginger beer with a nice ginger bite that reminds you of the real deal, Morgan’s kit makes it possible even for first-time home brewers. Just follow the directions for a super flavorful ginger brew.

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