Morgan’s Finishing Hops – Saaz 12g


Alpha 2.8% – 3.5%
Traditionally used in: Pilsners and Lagers. Pleasantly hoppy, earthy, slightly spicy, and traditional herbal aromas.

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Morgan’s Finishing Saaz hops from the Czech Republic are revered by brewers for making pilsner style lagers taste exceptional. Morgan’s uses these pedigree hops in their Finishing Hops product designed to add aroma and flavor when homebrewing. Saaz imparts a distinct spicy, earthy profile with a mild bitterness. It blends noble hop Hallertauer Mittelfrueh with Saaz to balance the herbal spice. Adding Finishing Hops – Saaz at the end of the boil or in the fermenter fills out the flavor profile. Use in pilsners, Bohemian lagers, blonde ales, and more. The key aromatics and oils are preserved by cold storage and vacuum packing. Morgan’s Finishing Hops – Saaz brings the taste of genuine Czech hops to homebrews in a convenient package. Just soak the pellets in brewing liquor to release the flavors and aromas of this renowned hop before pitching the yeast. It’s an easy way to give your beers an authentic European hop finish.

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Weight .015 kg
Dimensions 10 × .5 × 13 cm
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