Morgan’s Finishing Hops – Pride Of Ringwood 12g


Alpha 9.0% – 11.0% Pride Of Ringwood 12g is ideal for Lagers & Bitters. Bittering hop, with distinctive Australian characteristics of pine herbal and spice notes.

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Pride of Ringwood – Australian Hop Variety

Morgan’s Finishing Hops – Pride Of Ringwood is a 12 gram packet of hop pellets used for brewing beer. Pride Of Ringwood is an Australian hop variety known for its woody, spicy, and floral aromas. It is often used as a bittering hop and also contributes unique flavors when used later in the brewing process. Adding these hops in the last 5-15 minutes of the boil will impart a smooth bitterness and emphasize the hop’s aromatic qualities. With its intense floral and citrus notes, Pride Of Ringwood is a popular choice for IPAs, pale ales, and other hop-forward styles. This product from Morgan’s provides an easy way for homebrewers to explore this Australian hop in their own recipes.

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