Morgan’s – European Lager Yeast 15g


This is one of the most popular Lager yeasts used within the brewing industry worldwide. A famous strain from Weihenstephan in Germany.

Sedimentation: High Final Gravity: Medium
Recommended fermentation temperature 9c-15c, ideally 12c

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Morgan’s European Lager Yeast is a dried brewing yeast ideal for producing clean, crisp continental style lagers at home. This yeast strain originates from a major European brewery known for their classic pilsner beers. Fermenting at cooler temperatures between 48-58°F, Morgan’s European Lager Yeast yields the dry, subtle flavor profile and high attenuation associated with German and Czech style pilsners. The yeast leaves behind very little ester or phenol flavors, letting the malt and hop character shine. It forms a compact sediment at the bottom of the fermenter for ease of clarification. The high flocculation also allows brewers to collect and repitch the yeast several times. Morgan’s European Lager Yeast is simple to use by rehydrating and pitching into wort. With proper fermentation temperature control, it will churn out flawless pilsners, dunkels, Oktoberfest lagers and more. For homebrewers seeking crisp, clean lagers true to European brewing tradition, Morgan’s European Lager Yeast is an ideal dried yeast strain.

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