Morgan’s – Canadian Light 1.7kg


A great clean, crisp, lightly hopped beer which is light in colour. Formulated and kettled from traditional Canadian Brewing recipes. Includes yeast sachet under the lid.

Makes 23 Litres.

1kg of your favourite sugar blend required to brew to full strength. (Dextrose, Brew Booster, Body Bend, Body Brew, Ultra Blend, Dry malts, Liquid Malts or the 1.5kg range of Liquid Master Malts such as Beer Enhancer etc.


Morgan’s Canadian Light

Morgan’s Canadian Light is one of their flagship and most well-known products.

This beer kit makes a brew that pours a light golden yellow color with brilliant clarity. The aroma has hints of grainy malts and grassy hops. Depending on other ingredients used, it makes a crisp, clean taste typical of the light lager style. There can be subtle bready and cracker-like malt flavors balanced by mild grassiness from the hops finishing with a crisp and refreshing palate without much lingering bitterness.

While not bursting with bold flavors it can deliver exactly what it promises – a clean, crisp, uncomplicated light lager in the classic Canadian style that has made it a popular choice across Quebec and beyond for decades. The Morgan’s Canadian Light makes a smooth, inoffensive, and easy-drinking lager that makes for great patio pounding on a hot summer day. It pairs nicely with pub fare, barbecue, pizza and many other casual dishes.

Additional information

Weight 1.878 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 18 cm
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