Morgan’s – All Natural Apple Cider 1kg


Morgan’s All Natural Apple Cider 1kg is yes, ALL NATURAL and comes in a 1kg can that makes 20 litres of fantastic Apple cider. Perfect to chill out on those hot summer days. Best Brewed with Brewing Revolution Ultra Blend 1kg. For gluten free, use Brewing Revolution Dextrose 1kg instead.

The finished Morgan’s Cider will be dry, similar to 5 Seeds Crisp Apple cider. If you like your cider medium sweet, add 250g of Lactose and for sweet cider, add 500g of Lactose.

Three flavouring will be released shortly to either add to the entire brew to change the flavour as desired or to add 1.5ml per 750ml bottle to just flavour some.

Similar in flavour to 5 Seeds Crisp apple cider OR you can add lactose if you like it sweeter.

ABV 4.84*

Makes up to 20 Litres.


For those who love the cozy, nostalgic flavors of fresh apple cider, Morgan’s All Natural Apple Cider Kit makes it easy to create the perfect batch from your own kitchen. With a proprietary blend of cider-ready ingredients and natural flavors it has everything you need for cellar-worthy hard cider or family-friendly apple cider, ready in just a few easy steps.

Because Morgan’s mix uses real ingredients, the result bursts with vivid apple taste and aroma for a true orchard-to-glass flavor experience. Just add water, yeast, fermentation equipment and let the natural cider flavors develop over a few weeks time – no brewing experience required! In no time you will be sipping and savouring fresh apple cider that sings with warm, nostalgic flavor perfect for summer gatherings or cozy nights shared with loved ones.

Better ingredients make better cider, and you can taste the all-natural quality in every delicious sip. For appley goodness that takes you back to cider’s wholesome roots, this is for you!

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 10.4 × 10.4 × 14.2 cm
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