Edwards Essences – Lucky Lychee 50ml


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This rich fruity Lychee liqueur will take you to Asia. Perfect in a daiquiri, on its own, in soda water, lemonade, tropical citrus juices or in a Lychee cocktail. Add sugar or a liqueur base to thicken and sweeten.

Makes 1.4 Litres.

4 in stock


Home Brew Lychee Essence

Edwards Essences Lucky Lychee essence is a sweet and refreshing lychee-flavoured essence. This clear essence captures the tropical flavour of fresh lychees. It can be used to add a refreshing lychee note to cocktails, mocktails, and any beverage you want to give a touch of lychee flavor. A few drops of essence in sparkling water or lemonade makes for a delicious drink. Use it to create lychee-infused simple syrups for cocktails too. With its authentic taste, Edwards Essences Lucky Lycheeis perfect for making your own delicious drinks right at home.

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