Brewing Revolution – Sterophos (Pink) 1kg


Sterophos is a pink sanitising detergent powder that is perfect to remove stains and built up scum. Best to leave overnight and thoroughly rinse. Do not breath in or inhale. Use 1 teaspoon per litre.


Sterophos (pink) is a sanitizing detergent powder that is a valuable tool in home brewing for cleaning equipment and removing scum buildup. This specialized powder is designed to dissolve organic residues, like yeast and protein deposits, that can accumulate during the brewing process. It also has sanitizing properties, ensuring that the cleaned equipment is free from harmful microorganisms that could contaminate your brew. Homebrewers often soak their fermenters, bottles, and other gear in a solution of sanitizing detergent powder, which not only cleans away scum and grime but also eliminates bacteria, wild yeast, and other potential contaminants. Proper sanitation is vital in brewing to maintain the integrity and quality of the final product, making sanitizing detergent powder an essential component of a clean and safe home brewing environment.

Additional information

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 18 × 3.5 × 21 cm
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