Brewing Revolution – Sodium Metabisulphite 1kg


Sodium Metabisulphite or Sodium Pyrosulphite is a great cleaner/sanitiser. Do not breath in or inhale. Use 1 teaspoon per litre.


Sodium metabisulfite is a commonly used chemical in home brewing, primarily for its role as a potent and versatile additive in beer and wine production. This compound, which is a type of sulfur dioxide, serves several critical functions throughout the brewing process.

One of the primary uses of sodium metabisulfite is as a sanitizer and preservative. It is highly effective in preventing the growth of unwanted microorganisms such as bacteria and wild yeast that can spoil the brew. Homebrewers often use a sodium metabisulfite solution to sanitize equipment like fermenters, bottles, and corks, ensuring a clean and sterile brewing environment.

Additionally, sodium metabisulfite is employed to control and stabilize the oxidation and deterioration of beer and wine. It helps preserve the freshness and flavor of the final product by binding with oxygen, preventing it from causing off-flavors and spoilage.

In winemaking, sodium metabisulfite is used to inhibit the growth of undesirable yeast strains and bacteria, allowing the intended yeast culture to thrive and ferment the grapes effectively. This ensures a controlled and predictable fermentation process.

However, it’s important for homebrewers to use sodium metabisulfite cautiously, as excessive amounts can lead to an unwanted sulfur-like aroma or taste in the final product. Proper measurement and adherence to guidelines are essential to maximize its benefits without compromising the quality of the brew. Sodium metabisulfite is a valuable tool in the homebrewer’s arsenal for achieving cleaner, safer, and longer-lasting homemade beer and wine.

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