Brewing Revolution – Body Boost 1kg


Body Blend is perfect for creating a lighter strength 23 litre brew or just add to your current sugars. Used to enhance the mouthfeel of your brew while also brewing to a higher alcohol content than the Body Blend.  Its a 70/30 blend of Dextrose and Maltodextrin (corn syrup powder).

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Using the 30/70 blend of a combination of dextrose and maltodextrin in Brewing Revolution Body blend for your home brewing is a strategic approach to crafting a wide range of beers, and it offers brewers a degree of control over the beer’s characteristics. Dextrose, a simple sugar derived from corn, is highly fermentable and quickly consumed by yeast during the fermentation process. This addition boosts alcohol content and can result in a drier, crisper finish. On the other hand, maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate, provides body and mouthfeel to the beer without significantly increasing its alcohol content.

The combination of these two sugars allows brewers to fine-tune the beer’s attributes. For instance, in lighter beer styles, dextrose can be used to lighten the body and increase alcohol content, while maltodextrin can be added to create a smoother, fuller mouthfeel. In stouts or porters, maltodextrin can enhance the beer’s creaminess without affecting its overall gravity. The key to success is finding the right balance, and it often involves experimentation to achieve the desired taste and mouthfeel for your particular brew.

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