If you are wanting to make your own gin and spirits, our Still Spirits Air Still Essentials Kit has everything you need to make up to 2 litres of vodka (that you then flavour with your favourite gin essence).

As a disclaimer, we must state that the distillation of alcohol within Australia requires an excise manufacturer licence and we at Brewing Revolution take no responsibility for those using this information without the relevant license. We do not condone any illegal behaviour or actions and this blog post is simply the sharing of information.

There are five steps when it comes to using the Still Spirits Air Still Essentials Kit. Making the wash, clearing the wash, distilling the wash, filtering the spirit, and then flavouring the spirit.

Step 1 – Making the wash

Sterilize all of your equipment and make sure that your thermometer is attached to your fermenter. Pour 7.5 litres of water into your fermenter at around 30 degrees Celsius and then add 2.2 kgs sugar and stir well to dissolve. Add the turbo yeast and nutrients sachet. Gently massage the turbo carbon, then add to the mix and stir well. Replace the lid and set the fermenter at room temperature for seven days to ferment. After seven days confirm that fermentation is complete by testing the wash with your hydrometer.

Step 2 – Clearing the wash

First stir vigorously to remove all gases. Then add turbo clear part A and stir well, then stand for one hour. Add turbo clear part B while stirring gently. Stop stirring as soon as all of Part B is added to ensure you do not disrupt the clearing process. Stand for 24 hours until cleared and black carbon has dropped to the bottom.

Step 3 – Distilling the Wash

Collect the initial black sediment that comes out of the tap and discard. Carefully transfer to your cleaned air still. Fill to the max line. Add the boil enhancers and distilling conditioner to reduce the risk of surge boiling. Assemble the top of your air still and attach the plugs, then press the reset button. Clip the nozzle onto the still head and place the collector underneath. Turn on the power and the air still will begin heating up. After one hour the spirit will start slowly dripping out.

Step 4 – Filtering the Spirit

Put the carbon cartridge in and assemble the filter system. Collect and then dilute your spirit according to your instructions. Pour diluted spirit through the filter system and allow it to drip through to the bottom of the container.

Step 5 – Flavouring the Spirit

Flavour your spirit with your favourite spirit essences. Follow the instructions on your essence bottle.

Mix and enjoy!

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