The best way to get started when brewing your own beer and spirits is to use a starter kit. These kits usually come with everything you need to make your first brew. Some include bottles as well. Take a look below for detailed instructions including video instructions for a Morgan’s Premium Starter Kit. These instructions will be similar for any kit you choose.


* Easiest way to start is with a complete home brewing kit or cider making starter kit. These have everything you need to make your first 23Lt Brew.

*  Use quality ingredients. Take your time and don’t rush. You can only get out what you put in.

1 – Sterilize all brewing equipment and make sure your hands are clean.

2 – Empty can or pouch into fermenter and add various desired sugars.

3 – Place fermenter in an area where the temperature will be around 24 degrees give or take a couple degrees either side. Keep out of direct sunlight.

4 – Fill can with boiling water to use up the residual amount and pour into fermenter, stir until product and sugars have dissolved. You can add more boiling water or tap water to help dissolve the products. If you are using a pouch, 500ml of tap water is fine to pour into pouch to use up the residual product then pour into fermenter with two litres of boiling water and dissolve product and sugars.

5 – Fill fermenter to 20Lt mark first and check stick on temperature is sitting between 22 and 28 degrees. If it is, top up to the 23Lt mark with water and add yeast then stir for 30 seconds. If its outside of the temperature range, just add hot or cold water accordingly up to the 23Lt mark to bring it into the correct temperature range then add yeast and stir for 30 seconds.

6 – Half fill airlock with water and place in lid. Screw lid on till the water lever in the airlock is uneven. The lid is then tight enough. Do not over tighten.

7 – Allow to ferment with is generally around seven days. When the airlock stops bubbling and the water level in it has evened out, take a hydrometer reading. Do this by either opening the fermenter lid and put in your clean and sanitized hydrometer into the brew. The reading will be in the “beer end” section normally around 1005. This will vary depending on your recipe. Alternative, take out the airlock, turn on the tap and fill about half a cup up and discard. Now fill the test tube that the hydrometer came in to two third the way up and then drop your hydrometer in it and take the reading. Do not bottle too early or it will over gas.

8 – Sterilize bottle then add two carbonation drops to each 750ml bottle or one in a 375ml bottle. Fill bottle around three to five centimetres from the top. Screw lid on tightly or cap them and give the bottle a little shake.

9 – Place bottle in warmish and dark area and allow at least three weeks for the product to carbonise and mature. The longer you can hold off, the better it will taste.

10 – Chill it down, invite your mates over and enjoy.