1 x TC Innkeepers Daughter Sparkling Ale

1 Beer Enhancer

500g Light Malt Powder

2 x 12g Ringwood Hops (standard)

1 x 12g Ringwood Hops (dry method)


Creating a homebrew recipe that captures the essence of Cooper’s Sparkling Ale is an exciting endeavor for any beer enthusiast.

Cooper’s Sparkling Ale is a classic Australian beer with a rich history dating back to 1862. This iconic brew is characterized by its vibrant amber color, distinctive fruity and floral hop aroma, and a balanced, slightly sweet maltiness that finishes with a refreshing, crisp bitterness. The recipe for Cooper’s Sparkling Ale is a closely guarded secret, known only to a select few at the Cooper’s Brewery in South Australia. It is crafted using traditional top-fermentation techniques, which involve a unique yeast strain that contributes to the beer’s complex flavor profile. With its smooth and effervescent character, Cooper’s Sparkling Ale remains a beloved choice for beer enthusiasts and continues to be an integral part of Australia’s brewing heritage.

The result of this home brew beer recipe should be a beer with a beautiful amber hue, a delightful hoppy aroma, and a balanced, slightly sweet maltiness that finishes with a crisp bitterness, reminiscent of Cooper’s Sparkling Ale. Keep in mind that while this homebrew recipe can closely approximate the flavors of the original, capturing the exact magic of Cooper’s may require some experimentation and refinement. Cheers to your brewing adventure!