With the not-so recent appearance of technology and smartphones, we at BR have found Instagram to be a fantastic source of info for home brewers. A great place to find like-minded people sharing some really cool, often unknown and personally tested tips, we suggest that you check it out for yourself.

That is, if you don’t get sucked into the vortex of the “Instagram hashtag rabbit hole.”  Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Here’s 7 of our favourite home brew Instagram accounts to follow, in no particular order.

Don’t use Instagram? No problem, you can still view these all online.

@homebrewingonly  –  34.7k Followers  –  825 posts

🧔 #Homebrewer 12+ years.
👉 Use #homebrewingexperience to be featured 📸.
🤝 For Collaboration DM or 📬 e-mail.

@homebrewassoc  –  39.9k Followers  –   564 posts

The official American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Instagram account.


“Over 1.1 million people brew their own beer at home in the United States. The American Homebrewers Association® (AHA) is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization based in Boulder, Colo., dedicated to promoting the community of homebrewers and empowering homebrewers to make the best beer in the world. Since 1978, the AHA has worked to educate people worldwide about the coolest hobby there is—homebrewing.”

@homebrew.fanatics  –  16.9k Followers  –   2,138 posts


Homebrew Fanatics is on a DEDICATED MISSION to help brewers worldwide CREATE THE HIGHEST QUALITY BEER!

Homebrew Fanatics is in fact Aussie run. Though they also show brews and beers from across the globe.

@homebrewingexperience  –  34.4k Followers  –  630 posts


“The culture of good drinking derives from my passion for wine, on which I focused for years in order to obtain the ONAV diploma. At one point, after yet another Corona drank at the beach, I wondered why not even drink good beer. This dazzling lighting led me to drink the first Craft and, shortly thereafter, to decide to produce something of my own.”

@brulosophy –  18k Followers  –  1,684 posts


They who drink beer will think beer! #homebrewing #Homebrew #beer #Homebrewer#exBEERiment


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@the_department_of_homebrewing   –  57.8k Followers  –  3,690 posts

The Department of Homebrewing

Bringing you the best in Homebrewing from instagram & around the web!
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