When it comes to making your own home brew, you would be hard pressed to find a brewer who doesn’t enjoy a good chin wag about their efforts. For all things beer, brewing and just general discussion with like minded blokes (mostly), a good home brew forum is a great place to start.

We at BR have done the leg work for you and come up with 10 home brew forums for you to check out. You can pop on to chat about your recent brew success, (or maybe disaster) share a love of motorcycles or even ask advice on family concerns, the (brewing) world is your oyster.

Total Topics- 12,872  Total Posts- 170,268

Coopers Home Brew Forum

Discussions- 82,565  Messages- 1,448,137  Members- 23,761

AHB Home Brew Forum

Threads- 99,186  Pages- 2205

HTalk Home Brew Forum

Threads- 1952  Posts- 44, 584  Members- 1113

ACB Home Brew Forum

Posts- 65,998  Topics- 15,383  Members- 26,510

BeerSmith Home Brew Forum

Posts- 109,458  Topics- 9221  Members- 3769

Homebrew and Beer Home Brew Forum

Discussions- 6348  Messages 70,271  Members- 35,124

Brewers Friend Home Brew Forum

Posts- 210,189  Topics 12,005  Members- 7118

Aussie D Chat Home Brew Forum

Discussions- 75,370  Messages 783,392  Members- 18,186

The Home Brew Forum Uk

Posts- 415,733  Topics- 29,482  Members- 83,260

AHA Home Brew Forum

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